Awarded Best New Danish Talent. The prize is initiated by The Danish Animation Society, and given to the creator of a extraordinary Danish work within the animation genre.

Helena Frank Talentprisen Anis The jury's motivation:
"A film that avoids the everyday conventions of animated film-making; for some it will be repellent and unnerving; it is appropriately enough, an ugly duckling. For the jury this film represented a daring, transgressive approach: a minimal black comedy staged in a kitchen where characters barely interact, and not a lot happens. And yet this is a startling, enigmatic and visceral film. It does not ask to be liked – it sets out to provoke. This is a hugely compelling film that introduces an original dramatic voice, it is a film that touches on ideas around existence, futility and timing. This is an animated Theatre of the Absurd – and a film that could only be made with animation."